Sample Policy Manual

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Chapter 1     Administration and Organization
1.1 Mission Value and Written Directive System 1.5 Mutual Aid
1.2 Jurisdiction, Organization, and Authority 1.6 Departmental Reports
1.3 Fiscal Management 1.7 Department Goals and Objectives
1.4 Inspections and Audits  


Chapter 2     Professional Standards and Conduct
2.1 Rules of Conduct 2.5 Employee Disciplinary Process
2.2 Bias Based Policing 2.6 Accident and Injury Prevention
2.3 Sexual or Other Illegal Harassment 2.7 Court Appearance
2.4 Internal Investigation Process 2.8 Use of Social Media


Chapter 3     Training

3.1 Basic Training Requirements

3.2 Field Training


Chapter 4     Personnel

4.1 Hiring and Selection

4.6 Off Duty Employment

4.2 Appointment and Probation

4.7 Grievance Procedures

4.3 Career Development, Promotions & Transfers

4.8 Reserve Officer Program

4.4 Performance Evaluations

4.9 Community Outreach and Customer Service

4.5 Uniforms, Appearance, and Equipment



Chapter 5     Departmental Records

5.1 Department Records

5.3 Digital Media Usage and Storage

5.2 Media and Public Information



Chapter 6     Use of Force
6.1 Use of Force

6.3 Non Lethal and Less Than Lethal Weapons

6.2 Firearms and Qualifications

6.4 Officer Involved Shooting Investigations


Chapter 7     Law Enforcement Operations 
Legal Issues
7.1 Constitutional Safeguards 7.6 Limited English Proficiency
7.2 Field Interviews and Detentions 7.7 Communication with the Deaf
7.3 Arrests With Without a Warrant 7.8 Arrest of Transgender
7.4 Search Incident to Arrest 7.9 Citizen Recording of Police Activity
7.5 Search Warrants  
Field Operations Issues
7.10 Prisoner Restraints 7.14 Vehicle Operation
7.11 Prisoner Transport 7.15 Vehicle Pursuits
7.12 Juvenile Procedures 7.16 Vehicle Impound and Inventory
7.13 Domestic Violence and Protective Orders 7.17 Communicable Diseases
Patrol Operations
7.20 Patrol Operations 7.21 Bike Patrol Operations
Traffic Operations
7.30 Traffic Enforcement 7.31 Accident Investigations
7.40 Investigations 7.43 Informants
7.41 Crime Scene Processing 7.44 Sex Offender Registration
7.42 Eyewitness Identification  
Civil Process
7.50 Civil Process and Records  



Chapter 8    Unusual Occurrences
8.1 Unusual Occurrences and Special Events 8.4 Assisting the Mentally Ill
8.2 Civil Disturbances and Mass Arrest 8.5 Assisting the Developmentally Disabled
8.3 Emergency Response Team

8.6 Active Shooter Response


Chapter 9    Radio Protocol

9.1 Radio Protocol



Chapter 10    Prisoner Processing and Custody
10.1 Holding Facility Operations 10.1 Prisoner Processing


Chapter 11    Court Operations
11.1 Municipal Court  


Chapter 12    Property and Evidence
12.1 Property and Evidence  


Supplemental Material

Background Manual

Blank Policy Form

Equipment Issue Form

Field Identification Form

Informant Agreement

Manual Cover Sheet

Officer Evaluation Form

Optional Performance Evaluation Form

Patrol SOP

Performance Evaluation Manual

Personal History Statement

Photo Line-up Form

Prisoner Intake Form

Property Inspection Form

Pursuit Report Form

Sample Field Training Manual

Sample Performance Evaluation Training

Updates and Revisions to 2015 Sample Policy Manual

Use of Force Form