Managing Criminal Investigations Course

This 16 hour course is designed for Chiefs and Supervisors and Managers of Criminal Investigation Units.  It is not a basic course in Criminal Investigations but rather a course on how to manage the Investigation function within your agency.  This course allows agencies to understand and manage the forces that impact your ability to solve crimes in your community.  The class addresses most of the contemporary issues that trouble Criminal Investigation Units including:

  • Why do I need to "manage" the investigation process?
  • What does research show are the best methods for solving crime and increasing clearances?
  • How should our unit be organized? 
  • Do we need to specialize in types of investigations?
  • How many detectives do we need?
  • Why do we need "Case Management"?
  • What should Patrol be doing and what should CID be doing?
  • What schools or what training programs are needed for detectives?
  • Are we at risk with our investigation methods?
  • How is Brady and the Michael Morton Act affecting criminal investigations?
  • Should we be using solvability factors?
  • Do we need a separate Narcotics Unit?
  • Alternatives to serving high risk warrants.
  • Using confidential informants.
  • Audits and Inspections needed in Investigations Units

Note:  This is not a class on how to better manage the investigation of specific types of crimes for a higher success rate, but rather a discussion of the management of the overall criminal investigations organization and processes within an agency.

This class will prepare you to understand the options available for organizing the investigations function within your department to be most productive and to use your resources to the greatest extent.  Our citizens expect the police to solve their crime and our city governments expect us to do so with the least resources possible.  Walking that tightrope is always a challenge. 

Previous attendees have stated:

"Every part of this course was valuable."

"I found all the information useful."

"The Resources provided are great - especially the 'When I get Home' feature."

Cost is $250 per participant and includes lunch each day. Register and pay online at There is a minimum of 25 to hold the class and maximum of 40. All fees after expenses go to support the TPCA Foundation's Fallen Officer Fund.