Document Submission Forms

The Document Submission Form (DSF) is designed to provide basic information about the documents being submitted and minimize the amount of data necessary. A Document Submission Form for each standard has been prepared and may be downloaded using the links to the left. The data fields on the DSF are mostly self explanatory. The open field entitled “Proof of Compliance Submitted” is designed as a free flow narrative for the agency to identify each document submitted, where the document is from, and identify the portions of the standard that it addresses. This allows an agency to attach only a single page of a multi-page policy and state in the narrative of the DSF that “Item 1” is “Page 3 from the Use of Force Policy (General Order 2.1) and addresses the reporting requirements for any use of force.” At least one full page of any policy or order should be submitted to show the submission is actually part of a larger document.

Multiple entries describing different documents proving different parts of a standard can be placed on the one DSF. Other formatted proofs such as .pdf files or photographs can be explained on the DSF and submitted as a separate document or attachment. Additional information which the agency wishes the reviewer to be aware of can also be included.

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Sample DSFs

Sample File 3.13

Sample File 10.22